Gennaro’s Presents: New Year’s Eve with the Wendy Clark Band (Set List Draft v2)

Gennaro’s Presents: New Year’s Eve with the Wendy Clark Band

12/31/2017 Set List (Draft)



Wendy Clark Band at Gennaro's NYE 2017 Poster
Wendy Clark Band at Gennaro’s NYE 2017 Poster

The Honeymoon

Luck and Trouble

Deck Chairs (Brian Blush)

Catching On

Salome (Old 97s)


New York, New York (Ryan Adams)

Sometimes I Think

Moving On Up (The “Jefferson’s” Themes songs)




Actual Size (originally written by Eric Shiveley)

Last Time I Called you Baby (also originally written by Eric Shiveley)

Valerie Loves Me (Material Issue)

Regret Mountain



Under the Milky Way (The Church)

Metarie (Brendan Benson)

La Carta

Green And Dumb (RCPM)

More I Drink

Bloodletting – Vampire Song


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Denver, Colorado 80210
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Tequila Mockingbird – [2011] Luck and Trouble

Tequila Mockingbird are an alternative rock band from Denver. With their third album, they deliver a grooving example of a studio album with “live sound”, i.e. not sounding overproduced, but fun and natural.

The guitar sports juicy riffs, the singer has a strong voice and percussion is well levelled in. Read on for a short description for two of the nine tracks.

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Home is a light, up-tempo radio rock song with lovely acoustic guitar inlets and catchy melody line.

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Blue sounds like a straight-to-disc jam rock session. Laid-back riffs, slow but cool harmonies and rock-solid production value. Don’t miss the guitar and bass solos beginning at 2:00!

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Wendy Clark band at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver 7/8/17–Xg48Kics5Zpcuyo=​​

Luck and Trouble by Tequila Mockingbird © Copyright – by Wendy Clark / video by David Allee

Luck and Trouble
by Tequila Mockingbird
© Copyright – Tequila Mockingbird / Lazy-Bird Records (884501257565)
Serving up a huge shot of genre-bending rock.
Genre: Rock: Roots Rock
Release Date: 2010

Tequila Mockingbird at the Lion’s Lair SAT 2/23/2013

Tequila Mockingbird at the Lion's Lair SAT 2/23/2013

Tequila Mockingbird at the Lion’s Lair SAT 2/23/2013
with special guest Jim Ruberto on bass!
Also featuring Chainsaw Love Affair and 98% Chimp.

Another cool podcast with one of my songs…

La rubrica di libri “A parole, in breve” (CC-BY-SA) parla di Nato: colpito e affondato di Gianni Lannes, uscito con la prefazione di Andrea Purgatori per le Edizioni La Meridiana (collana Passaggi. Clicca qui per sfogliarne un estratto). Dalla scheda di presentazione:
Il 4 Novembre del 1994 nell’Adriatico orientale cinque uomini e il loro cane pescano come sempre. Il “Francesco Padre”, la loro barca, ora è un rantolo contorto e i loro corpi giacciono in fondo al mare. La vicenda rientra tra quelle su cui vige il segreto di Stato. Quella notte, in quelle acque, era in corso l’operazione della Nato “Sharp Guard”.
Il brano che ha accompagnato questa puntata si intitola Drunk Again, è contenuto nell’album Alien-American dei Tequila Mockingbird ed è rilasciato con una licenza Creative Commons BY-NC-ND.

“Grayscale” and “In words, in short: two appointments on GNUFunk Radio
Antonella |
Double date on GNUFunk Radio. While the archives of the broadcasts are going to move even on (and to see that there is, just visit this page), on Thursday evening at 20.20 except for the first episode of the book of books in words, in short. Released under CC-BY-SA and aired every week at the same time, this initial appointment consists of these elements:

The book of books “In words, in short” (CC-BY-SA) speaks ofbirth: hit and sunk by Gianni Lannes, released with a foreword by Andrea Purgatori by Edizioni La Meridiana (Steps series. Click here to browse a extract). From the presentation form:
On 4 November 1994 in the eastern five men and their dog catching as ever. The “Father Francis”, their boat, now is a rattle, and contorted their bodies lie under the sea. The story is among those on which is subject to state secrecy. That night, in those waters, was under the NATO operation “Sharp Guard”.
The song that accompanied this episode is titled Drunk Again, is contained in the album Alien-American of Tequila Mockingbird and is released under a license Creative Commons BY-NC-ND.