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Bullying is legal in the workplace in the USA. I will lose my house and my Life has been miserable since I was offered a job as a contractor there. Never got my contract and they lied to the labor board about everything I said including what I have documented. The head of IT should be in jail. Dish doing everything in my life. I need help finding any money until I land one of the jobs I have Applied for and am interviewing like crazy but because the recruiter who now claims not to be my recruiter – lied to the labor board and I won’t get my unemployment check – if I do it won’t be in time. Apparently even the person who was supposedly my recruiter did not work there so everything I said doesn’t matter to them. I don’t know what to do. This is no joke – I was NEVER given an assignment in addition to the other methods of bullying – humiliation, ostracized from team, called names, and sexually harassed by who I thought to be okay –who gave me an assignment from my bully boss IT nutcase and had to try to write a report about how the only porn site could be optimized – using skills I did not have. I think I had two days to shadow and then I was on my own alone trying to learn $300,000 programs on my own with no direction. I could go on and I have to finish getting ready for an interview for a job website that is a real mess, but I would do anything to earn respect back myself by accomplishing something and being yelled that for nothing. I’ve been kicked around a lot this morning has made me realize I’m fighting back and won’t be the same ever again because this experience.

Things (Not) to Worry About

The Midsummer Station

F. Scott Fitzgerald is a renowned writer back in the 20th century. His novel, The Great Gatsby has been adapted into movies several times since 1926 with the latest installation screening next year, casting big players like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire (not sure if I will be able to wipe his Spidey image from my head).

Apart from being a prominent author, he is also a very wise dad. He wrote a letter to his then 11-year-old daughter who was away in camp (1933):


It struck me right then, how we often over-think about petty stuffs that won’t matter a day, a week, a month from now and instead, overlook the little things that actually matter.

I don’t listen to what people say about me and I don’t read what they write about me. People can compare me to anyone they want to, but I’m not going to worry about…

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