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Published on Jun 5, 2017

Live from the Capitol Hill People’s Fair in beautiful Civic Center Park in downtown Denver, Colorado
This is Wendy Clark Band’ 21st appearance in a row at this fine festival!
Wendy Clark – Guitar & Vocals
Chris Coward – Bass
Josh Bell – Guitar
Janet Lipson – Harmony & more
Bill Crick – Keys
David Derby – Drums
Mark Hendrickson – Drums & Percussion
Video by Michael Kuhl

blue lyrics

i keep on falling for you, as you creep beside the moonlight
if i could not speak, would you tell me what to say?
you shine the bluest eyes and the dusk retreats to twilight
i don’t mind my misconstructions smiling as you let them ricochet
i’m in love with this afternoon
how good it is – right here with you
then time stands still in this empty room
but how good it feels – to be with you
i readjust my gaze as you realign my eyesight
i woke up running too soon under the milky way
i’m joyous every evening as you pull back the daylight
i scramble to the calendar and plead again for saturday
i don’t take for granted that you have mistaken me for stranded
as you take my cigarette and hallucinate my greed
i beg you to not imply why this is where we’ve landed
as we’ve long stopped complicating who should take or who should receive
i’m in love with this afternoon
how good it is – right here with you
then time stands still in this empty room
but how good it feels – to be with you

Denver day of rock and rain

Trying to figure out where Roger Clyne is playing but I don’t have an umbrella or a jacket that will not penetrate and soak me to my inner being. I’ll figure it out.image

Wendy Clark Band RIDES at The Toad Tavern on Feb 15, 2014

Wendy Clark Band at The Toad Tavern

Wendy Clark Band at The Toad Tavern

Wendy Clark Band, Saturn Cowboys, Flash Mob at The Toad Tavern

The Toad Tavern
5032 S Federal Circle
Littleton, CO 80123
United States
Tickets: $6/$4 with ticket

Wendy Clark Band at Skyline Rink 2-1-14



Tough Enough













Odin’s 4th annual Winter Solstice. Odin’s Other Eye, Wendy Clark Band and the Legendary Hitchhikers.

Wendy Clark Band at Odin's 4th Annual Winter Solstice

Wendy Clark Band at Odin’s 4th Annual Winter Solstice

Please mark thy calendar…Saturday, 12/21/13 is Odin’s 4th annual Winter Solstice. Odin’s Other Eye is joined by the Wendy Clark Band and the Legendary Hitchhikers. This is a rock concert and masquerade ball (with prizes), plus some unique and artful vendors. A mere $8 cover.

Where: Stoney’s Bar and Grill (1111 Lincoln, Denver)

Doors open at 7PM, and the schedule is thus:

8PM The Wendy Clark Band

9:30PM Odin’s Other Eye

11:00PM The Legendary Hitchhikers

This show includes a CD release party for Odin’s Other Eye. Lots of merch and plenty to hear, see and do. Marc Sylvir will also reprise his role as emcee of the night’s festivities. Don’t pack up that Halloween costume yet…

Acoustic Reflections

Wendy and Oscar grabbed their acoustic weapons and headed to the country of Westminster, Colorado to play a couple of magical sets and support the hundreds of racers at the finish line and eat ice cream and play with the dog and play music with longtime friend / notorious outlaw bar brawling, axe-slinging, whisky-drinking singer and recording artist, Ryan Chrys (Google the Rough Cuts) and local music machine Bradley Weaver (pedal steel, vocals). Oscar was elated to play a full-size vintage Jambai rather than the one his ex-girlfriend/Canadian ice skater loaned the cause. We suspect it belonged to their friend Whitney Rehr after judging my the glee in Oscars performance as well as wounds from hitting his knee at Wendy’s jokes. Just kidding about the jokes.  They day was captured on Vine, Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. We expect Wendy will put some shots on a network near you.



Chris Daniels and Friends CD Release Party SAT 7/7

Better Days Album release poster

Better Days Album release poster

This First Friday @ Bookery Nook


Tested Sites to Submit your Music

First and foremost, submit your top songs to Clear Channel. This indexes to a couple hundred radio stations.

Second, a must is also –

And of course, This is an awesome way to get some free exposure across the globe. We have songs played through the licensing agreement in France, Spain, Australia, Japan, and more. We have songs in two Australian documentaries as well. People can download your songs for free though, so we waited for a few months after we sold a bunch of CDs to upload or full albums. But it also indexes really well.

This is hit or miss:

Not sure about this one, but it’s worth a shot for the social media saturation, if you feel like learning how to do it like the pros.

These are constantly changing, so I will update you with more as soon as I collect the top ones that I have received feedback from.

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