Kierkegaard Post I.

Told to stop reading this once or twice — reluctantly, perhaps when my future self had peace of mind, universal calm — so I’ve been waiting for seven years and no one tells me what to do anymore. #sorenkierkegaard #visionary #paradox #inconsequential #decartes #aesthetics #words 


Notes about coping skills

After blinking involuntarily for the creeping recognition of the totally obvious, the most simplistic answers begin to noticeably affect our effect. This was the same lack of coping skills I was taught to overthink.

Fall: (noun) to pass from one condition to another.

“Tempting,” I said.

 Sadly, the most unimportant events usually crept into my prominent speculations when ever my current situations(s) demanded my excruciating attention. Important events called for one’s absolute focus, and fortunately, I enjoyed a scale of mental substance consisting of various intense predicaments as well as an grounded awareness of my presence and depth of my semi-chaotic habitat.

Things were starting to be looking up, that is, when they weren’t looking down.


There are the places at which you are not, or perhaps where you would rather be, not be, won’t be, the list within the list within the list is infinite, but my point is that the location of where you are (or where you ain’t) is probably the most important place you could ever be. Where you’re notis: any, some, or everywhere you could be, certainly, of course when you have but a critical amount of “time” remaining to reconsider every place where you ever were which led me to this last circumstance in which I was currently entangled, where I was not was anywhere but where I was, at a condition labeled as the end of one’s lifetime; this is the place where you last were, and your mind works itself backwards, instinctively and recklessly, and flashes these excruciating images, words, colors, lines and limits, gaps and speculation, theories, people, pets, regrets, media, motions, accidents, mistakes, recoveries, tastes, dreams, nightmares, mischief, games, fame, humiliation, embarrassment, acceptance, awards, rewards, faith, apathy, remorse, anxiety, true faith, true love, true sex, true blueness of the purest skies, waters, and eyes; good fortune, good graces, all those artistic creations….

The stories left behind

“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with gobbledygook.” – Wendy Clark

Part II

They groan and I acknowledge both nothing and lack thereof; I nudge the steel door open with my shoulder slowly, and instantly entertained the idea of perhaps joining a gym/health-club-type thing when I returned home; I considered this because a ten-year old had pushed this door open earlier with her pinky finger and I felt weak and trapped within wacky hot Ville. But when I stepped into the night air, all was the same opposite. Two weeks went by in twenty seconds. I opened my eyes outside of every heavy, tedious door which I would ever open. I lost and let go of it all – before I know I had ever gained it of kept any of it all – I was thinking my thoughts were on you baby. While it was that my thoughts of you were in me; I was surrounded magnificently and I wandered my soul as I possible encircled my self.

Could have melted – right there – in this sweltering ocean of humidity, this heavy evening atmosphere seemed, at the moment, that this twilight is what I know; all of my life broken and rebuilt: mended, tailored, and hemmed. My sore eye’s sight fell towards the now and I accepted this unfamiliar paradox of being in this place, simultaneously wishing I was anywhere else but here, and I was so beside myself that I was within it all – all of the epic epiphanies which I could summon to stomach, ingest, digest; I felt this territory was mine, maybe because you had instilled such insight: within me, without me, about me.

Sometimes I wonder if others mind so much mental chaos as I; I wonder if they possess it, repress it, admit it, avoid it; of it their heads aren’t as mindful as mine. I think that I think too much, too rapidly, too randomly, too unsequentially, and at times I wish I didn’t. But after chaotically analyzing these matters, happily I realize I would not change a thing. Hell, it’s likely I -can’t- change a thing.

Your Semi Daily Blhag

When I have something bothering me, causing me pain, distraction, discomfort, or anger, I tend to Another Day at the Officetake it out on those close to me.

I learned that after being inclined to ride that ridge and I was stopped.

The problem is; that’s your damn problem. You can talk about it and maybe someone will listen or care or help, but they can’t fix your problem and that is now bothering you enough to behave negatively, speak harshly, disengage, and then make the point that you are miserable.

Well, hell; I am sorry you are miserable. But don’t tell me I am worthless or weak or easily stepped on.

Like, say it’s all about you: you don’t have to say so; let’s pretend you don’t have the mind or time to think about choosing your words because you are miserable and a loser.  You recite the reasons repeatedly to any person or people who will listen. That is, up to a point where you to demonstrate to the person exactly how manifestation of misery and self-fulfilling prophesy are created on a level that is fascinating, and how to know you are not that person and will continue to  in no way resemble that behavior and thinking.

When something is the opposite of bothering me, etc., I tend to take it out on those I am close to. Share your good side.

Friends are important.

Friends are people who can take you on a ride in their life and it’s up to you who gets to be those people. And same both ways.


Published on Jun 5, 2017

Live from the Capitol Hill People’s Fair in beautiful Civic Center Park in downtown Denver, Colorado
This is Wendy Clark Band’ 21st appearance in a row at this fine festival!
Wendy Clark – Guitar & Vocals
Chris Coward – Bass
Josh Bell – Guitar
Janet Lipson – Harmony & more
Bill Crick – Keys
David Derby – Drums
Mark Hendrickson – Drums & Percussion
Video by Michael Kuhl

blue lyrics

i keep on falling for you, as you creep beside the moonlight
if i could not speak, would you tell me what to say?
you shine the bluest eyes and the dusk retreats to twilight
i don’t mind my misconstructions smiling as you let them ricochet
i’m in love with this afternoon
how good it is – right here with you
then time stands still in this empty room
but how good it feels – to be with you
i readjust my gaze as you realign my eyesight
i woke up running too soon under the milky way
i’m joyous every evening as you pull back the daylight
i scramble to the calendar and plead again for saturday
i don’t take for granted that you have mistaken me for stranded
as you take my cigarette and hallucinate my greed
i beg you to not imply why this is where we’ve landed
as we’ve long stopped complicating who should take or who should receive
i’m in love with this afternoon
how good it is – right here with you
then time stands still in this empty room
but how good it feels – to be with you

2017 Capitol Hill People’s Fair

WCB on the Mile High Stage @ 5:30pm to 6:30pm on Sunday, June 4, 2017! Featuring:








Stop by and say hey! 

Civic Center Park

Denver, Colorado 80202


All ages


SWAY at The People’s Fair 2015