Denver Guitarist Needed

We are seeking a lead guitarist for a busy original band as soon as possible. Prefer someone who is not in any other bands and has at least ten years experience, knows how to use the internets, and is of sound mind and body. We also need you to have a dry sense of humor, presence, and can dress up well. Oh, and can learn songs and improvise.
It’s not for a friend. It’s for my band.
Please send any leads to
Females encouraged to apply. Good looking men also are also encouraged.

If you are not familiar with our band, fake it.


You call that inspiration?

This Friday evening returned the new page. When you speak in metaphors sometimes you really mean it. You meta-for-real speak to me as though there’s figuratively no one home. And I literally tell you there is no anyone home because I’m out with you. And then I black out the resulting insult that is thrusted and blindly explodes like a fireworks it off like a drunk donkey – meanwhile time runs out as my recovery is almost certain, that leans towards the edge of reason to expect a humanistic response.

You broke through the chain fence into the playground; how would I expect you and I to have less than a good time – but you are finally catching on, and I’m trying to comprehend what the story looks like from another point of view. 

I lift myself off the sidewalk and trust myself. It’s not for nothing, may I forget I’ll never be in the light that you have given me.