Left Space

By Wendy Clark

I walked out of the place and haven’t even stopped thinking about your face but I wanted your presence and I walked out of that space and that place and I knew more than I wanted to anyway. After all of these years, I was sad because they were worse and I thought about those and I thought about the way I thought so much now, and those times we drove home any place and how many years I didn’t waste then realized I was only looking ahead to someplace.

We drove any direction home depending on where we lived – sometimes we should not have actually been driving and sometimes I had to pick up my pathfinder the next morning and sometimes I wish I had never known the truth, but we are all judges, eh, Mr. __________? I think they should stand up to you. Tell them – I have my reasons. They could have bought the place, but they think you could have made a better decision.

But when you are dying, they hesitate to approach you with that type of accusation.