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Today I learned that things are not as they seem and that goes for objects, people, places, ideas — basically all nouns — and perception can be impacted without having an epiphany, or a moment of emotional impact, or by getting your eyes gouged out when you were clearly seeing or adjusting to whatever phase of the day you were tackling.

I think we see day for night as we distinguish happy from sad and love from hate, but as time seems to take us as it’s travelling, we seem to have the insight we need to recognize the spaces we are surrounded by.

If this means that we are equipped to live a functional and focused existence and we are present while we ascertain the infinite amount of our pragmatic conscious considerations as the moments creep away from our condition, than the constant evolves into the isolation of a preoccupied reality which manipulates the velocity of our conceptions.

This is not a dog and pony show. This is not a vault of dependent illusions meant to specify our next reflex and will bend the fragment of what you recognize as your capacity to sustain a reasonable recognition of your space and will alter as the life you lead will lead you on the way to the next fragment.

Adjusting to the portrait that has already been painted is a process that eliminates a certain freedom you are accustomed to, and singing a song someone else wrote institutionalizes a habit, and we drag out the abrupt until the inspiration is a technique that convinces us to know a difference in our impression and an impression on the immeasurable subjective state of all of what we think is objective. Or the aspect of the reality that simply is impossible to confirm or deny.

Thank you for your decisions.

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Left Space

By Wendy Clark

I walked out of the place and haven’t even stopped thinking about your face but I wanted your presence and I walked out of that space and that place and I knew more than I wanted to anyway. After all of these years, I was sad because they were worse and I thought about those and I thought about the way I thought so much now, and those times we drove home any place and how many years I didn’t waste then realized I was only looking ahead to someplace.

We drove any direction home depending on where we lived – sometimes we should not have actually been driving and sometimes I had to pick up my pathfinder the next morning and sometimes I wish I had never known the truth, but we are all judges, eh, Mr. __________? I think they should stand up to you. Tell them – I have my reasons. They could have bought the place, but they think you could have made a better decision.

But when you are dying, they hesitate to approach you with that type of accusation.


air hockey

you have to understand that i understand what you are saying.
keeping this in mind, i understand that because you do not understand me
as i don’t understand you
and you will not listen to what i have to make you understand
is true
mainly because i have more experience than you
and am wise in this matter of subjective thought and action
i keep my eyes closed and look into the great wide open
the one you rarely get to see unless you
find yourself humming while
doing the sidestroke
amongst the doggie-paddlers who mistake
tennis for air hockey
and you remember the day that you
you finally
listened before you thought
kept your eyes open
listened before you thought
you think.
before you let yourself talk.

Almost Daily Blog – the weekend rant.

New idea. A crowdfunder that is not actually online. Has it been done?  Is it totally out there with my other dusty, unfinished, mangled ideas? Is it exciting?
Who cares!

I’m tired of thinking. I’m sick of my PC locking up – I have been trying to book festivals, shows, bands, and I am losing out on another summer and letting my band down, as well as myself. And who cares? They do, because they are under the impression I am doing this because I have the resources, but I don’t – and I have no clue how to maintain this amount of pressure when I have three machines that suck. I wish I were a tennis player. Or perhaps I could use my looper if I had time – then I would play solo and look cool and for every effort I make, I won’t have to tell three people how to do something that is wrong, and O can take my band to games and casinos and ignore my impending explosion due to being second, third, fifth-guessed and learn Spanish and karate.

You have a problem. You are the boss. This problem is not getting it. Disrespect may or may not be intended, but remarkable acts of common no-sense are shiningly obvious when you have been captain for years, and the new hire seems to have missed the boat – and asking to swim or learn how to just -find- the damn boat is a huge waste of time for everyone who is already enjoying cocktails.

That’s overboard, I know you are thinking – but the rules are basic. I’m right. If you choose to disregard my auth

ority, you chose to make something out of nothing so many times, you are my burden and even if you have all the right things to say, and you have to say them all the time and rinse and repeat, you have not made an effort to look at yourself and think — how is my behaviour affecting the big picture? Why am I feeling like I know best? What can I do to do my job better and listen. I make mistakes, so do you – and that’s so obvious that I am desperately asking you to correct them. learn, watch, listen, shut mouth, open mind, stop acting like you have a right to be here.

One more chance, and I don’t see you getting this notion. You can’t do the work, and you won’t do what you say. I believe we can do more with less. I believe I know what I am doing and if you were where you should be, I wouldn’t have to tell you to exit the scene.

It’s really hard to work with a person who has no idea how to try harder to be good at what they are supposed to do, and is oblivious to the system and the architect.

As much as I want to believe in you, you are far from comprehending the obvious of the obvious and it is clear to everyone, but my name and my time and my colleagues expect better from me. You have to expect better from yourself.


Your Almost Daily Blog

When you woke up this morning, did you you think you would have anything to say? Neither did I, so I began to speak in phrases and a sentence here and there – no interrogatives – no chances for answers or agreements to listen. For there was work to be done, so I called your cat and she sat near the blinds and blinked at me. You glared at me. I stared at the door. Now I am here, typing this – double-bolted door and shotgun in arms. Just in case.