When you read this in the morning, know that you saved me from writing a blog entry that may have made me write about my theory on games and denial delusional disorder.
What’s my point?
Games are fun generally until you realize you don’t have any idea why you are being played. I detest Hearts so why play it.
But one day, the puzzles are out and the games are waiting to taunt you more but fuck puzzles. Play that puzzle and take your time– it doesn’t matter until you lose your self and fall apart – while the pieces of the portrait are each a metaphor for the mismatched space you are staring at in disbelief. Puzzles are not games you win. Stand up and show up to play, choice.
Get a hold of yourself, for god’s sake. You should know better by now, just as you should know worse by now and your decisions have nothing but the weight of the world would press upon your shoulders – the weight of the world has forced you to become heavy and comfort food is finally disgusting you and you are not sure which vice will be the next force of your next downfall. But you have to have a downfall because you know that self-worth is never an easy way out and if you found your way in, you would just break the door down and the splinters of that breakthrough would be the evidence that it cannot be worth the happiness you are grasping because someone you love will break your heart and blame you for this momentary misuse of how you acheive it. Not to worry, though. You certainly shall destroy is all on your own.

“you can’t go anywhere if you’re nowhere.”