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Chris K's Colorado Playlist

These are the over 220 album titles I am currently tracking at Colorado radio.  If you have a release out since November 2013 I need to know about it in order to track it.  Msg me here, or email me at

Artist Disk
3 Twins De Nada
A Boy and His Kite A Boy and His Kite
a. Tom Collins Stick & Poke
Aakash Mittal Quartet Ocean
AdrienneO Superchromatic`
Andy Hackbarth Treadmill Horses EP
Andy Palmer Hazard of the Die
Arthur Lee Land Cracked Open
Austin Young & No Difference Blue As Can Be
Bad Brad & the Fat Cats Eyes on the Prize
Bad Brad & the Fat Cats Take A Walk With Me
Bad Weather California Back Seats
Balue Quiet Dreamer
Beautiful Loser Society The Desperate Promenade
Beki Hemingway I Have Big Plans For The World
Ben Hanna We Were Like Whatever
Ben Makinen The Goliath Beetle…

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