Watt by Samuel Beckett

This book was assigned to me in Modern Literature during my senior year at Florida State University. My prof was a Beckett maniac and we read it all. “Watt” was the last one we read and he told us all that this will be the most difficult novel that we will ever read. This was a mixed class of serious lit heads – some were graduate students and we all came back to class the next day and we were ecstatic and frantic – we loved and hated it – we wanted more and we wanted to GET IT. WATT the hell was Beckett writing about?


Read this. Read it carefully and know that most every sentence should be reread. Have a dictionary nearby, take notes, and don’t give up.

I was a wreck while I tried to read this on my own. I was fortunate to have a professor who turned out a cult of Beckettists. I earned that goddamn English degree after all, I thought to myself. Watt is stronger than any acid we took in college, kids.

You will throw this book across the room more than once, but you will laugh more, and eventually, you will see the world like Watt. But not really.