Misery hates company; you can see her
the cracks in the walls,
the warmth of the vents in the multiple shelters you have inhabited
She was always with you
She is starving by noon on weekdays
You use the binoculars you found in the trash
(Has a year passed by so fast?)

You mock her and watch her and know her well
She dances like a Russian soldier
You always move with her
She sees much and yet not enough for you; that matters not to her
She sighs deeply and you admire her lilac hair when she almost close enough to hold
She never looks at you, but maybe she looks past you,
At least, maybe she knows you are there.
She is probably oblivious to pretty much everything that life has to offer
You think to yourself and laugh
(Has ten years passed by so fast?)

No one loved her like you
She reminds you of a cat
A panther, perhaps a lioness
You are the hunter
You are the prey?

Pray that 17.5 years
doesn’t go by
Quite so fast.


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