rhymes with "skim"

so i was just writing my friend jhimm
because that is what i do
jhimm is legendary and revolutionary
and i know it.

not only because he somehow finds a way to
wrap his thoughts around his voice
not only because his voice is spectacular
not only because he somehow finds a way to
amuse and remuse and is my muse

and writing to him is always a wakeup call
and a perfect certain entity
of the truest perfect reflection
of who i am when i write words to him
of who is someone i am and am not

and he knows it.
i have told him
(though he can’t be right all the time….) 🙂
and he tells us what is going on
and around
and we know we have to have this dude’s attention
because of his energy and will
he is a young prophet
(much like Erk….hmmm… whoa….)


and doesn’t even know how magnetic his presence and
his very essence
is a reminder to check one’s self
and remember to
-check- everything
-balance- and let yourself be
true to yourself in word, thought, and deed.

this has been a public service announcement
of the service of announcing publically.

check out his band

thank you, jhimm.

jhimm is one of the smartest people i know
and i know a lot of people
who claim to be intelligent


air hockey

you have to understand that i understand what you are saying.
keeping this in mind, i understand that because you do not understand me
as i don’t understand you
and you will not listen to what i have to make you understand
is true
mainly because i have more experience than you
and am wise in this matter of subjective thought and action
i keep my eyes closed and look into the great wide open
the one you rarely get to see unless you
find yourself humming while
doing the sidestroke
amongst the doggie-paddlers who mistake
tennis for air hockey
and you remember the day that you
you finally
listened before you thought
kept your eyes open
listened before you thought
you think.
before you let yourself talk.