candidate camera

i am not feeling well.
neither is JJ.
i slept allllllll day and woke up to stare in the reflective glass and estimate the damage
had a delicious JJ omelete
pet my dogs
and called a potential employer back
(i left a charming message but she didn’t call back yet)
this gig is for an entry-level web developer
which is one of the many things i want to learn
and the pay is pretty excellent
and my sense of hope (sense?) is happily creeping up my spine again

and is okay by me

it’s the folks who are doing the hiring who are becoming the ones who
seem to think they can decide who is worthy or not

note to hiring managers:

dear judges of my fate and income:
it’s pretty cool to have respect for strangers even if they are not the right candidates for your position. it’s really good to have an idea where you stand – even if it has to be in a bulk email to those who aren’t the right person for the job.

you know who you are.

i am going to sleep again now.

my message to the world tonight:
“be honest and cool to everyone.”



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