"Actual Size"

I am still awake again. By again, I should say that this is another night of me on another night of insatiable fun-quests; these late evening-turn nights which I sneak into the hours which are quiet about everyplace but my head. Some thing about these nights are just how I want to have my self completely; there is an air during the summer heat that simmers the boiling blood of people’s days into a cool glass of introspection. Now, I am no hippie, but I am left-handed.

I had a fairly eventful day.
My advice to myself:
1. Think about following your instincts, regardless.
2. Quit using the word “regardless.”
3. Doubt yourself and remember it’s a helluva good idea. But don’t have a good time while you do it, you bastard.
4. It’s really true love for real even if every other signal is upside down and you shouldn’t be suprised anyway.


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