For Sale

I have learned a lot this week.

One lesson is this:

You are trying to get a job. You are assuming the correct steps and smiling all the way to the dot coms and lottery-esque opportunities and window shopping down For Sale Street and flossing your gleaming teeth on your reflection of the Internet window job hunting you are strolling down.

You are not for sale. You are not shopping. You are a number and you don’t exist.

Good luck with you career pursuits!


The Economy of American Estrangists.


"Actual Size"

I am still awake again. By again, I should say that this is another night of me on another night of insatiable fun-quests; these late evening-turn nights which I sneak into the hours which are quiet about everyplace but my head. Some thing about these nights are just how I want to have my self completely; there is an air during the summer heat that simmers the boiling blood of people’s days into a cool glass of introspection. Now, I am no hippie, but I am left-handed.

I had a fairly eventful day.
My advice to myself:
1. Think about following your instincts, regardless.
2. Quit using the word “regardless.”
3. Doubt yourself and remember it’s a helluva good idea. But don’t have a good time while you do it, you bastard.
4. It’s really true love for real even if every other signal is upside down and you shouldn’t be suprised anyway.

briefly….. today’s highlights from my perspective….

after years of sniffing odorless garlic and reading books with no words, the fork ran away with the spoon, the city sighed and feigned apathy as the dan and i lashed out at the corporate world today but everyone called us clowns….

i got me -yet another- “ironic” job today. got a 100 percent on the spanish tests which i was certain that i flunked, and they (the recruiting squadron) stamped me with an approval waiver and called me bilingual. so it’s now official. i speak for both teams…. the door is ajar, folks…. i will be here all night… Bwhahahahahahaha!!!!!!

this job is even more silly than my last one. and shame on all those people who say that getting your college education doesn’t pay off!!! joke’s on them, i say! living proof right here! step on up and take a good look at the great american dream! i will be seriously going to hell for this one…

made my favorite person in the world turn scarlet red – learned that my competitive banter can result in behavior which makes me want to relive this stupid dumbhead day all over again.

i learned (contemplation) how to reach (manipulation) new levels of awkwardness (interpretation) with delightfully, fiery, manifestations of good intentions (adoration) gone apeshit (correlation). from this i learned to recognize the beauty of chaos (self-justification); i learned how to suppress laughter just a little bit more or less (equation) on the ridiculousness (elation) of my surroundings at any given time (duration) or place (station); supressed laughter and anxiety (perspiration) may have some (interpolation) complex (imagination) stuff like that (education).
***when you take a “ation” and attach it to the word, that word turns into a state of being (moderation!).

i learned that they have a new non-emergency phone number for the police and emergency dispatchers (311) and it is nice and short just like 911. I think they may have one that is 611 for semi-emergencies but i don’t want to find out till that fateful occasion rears it’s partially threatening head….

i schemed with my friend dan and we found ourselves in clown suits delivering our interpretation of “la bamba” with a few measures of the violent femmes’ song “blister in the sun” (secretly renamed “birthday fun”) in C# (mostly) and successfully delivered our first singing telegram to Joyce for her birthday – i feel more or less clever and clueless right now. soooo….. that’s pretty…. um…. cool…. and stuff……..

buenas noches, mi guapas.

— wendy